Club Info

by David Helm

The Monticello Sno-Mobile Club is celebrating its 40th year as the first incorporated snowmobile club of Wisconsin.

Back in 1965, local snowmobiling pioneer Tom Kacmarcik had the vision to create an organized club that would promote interest in snow-mobile activities. Originally, the intention was to become a purely social organization. And by November of 1966, Mr. Kacmarcik had enough people showing interest in committing to the creation of a snow-mobile club. Then, on November 30th, 1966, the Monticello Sno-Mobile Club was incorporated! The club held its first annual meeting on December 18th, 1966.

By the beginning of 1967, Monticello Sno-Mobile Club already had signed over 35 paid memberships. In November of 1967, Monticello Sno-Mobile Club joined the USSA and began sanctioned racing events. Along with racing events, the club planned weekend and overnight rallies/ outings at various resorts throughout the Kettle Moraine State Forest. Keep in mind, this is prior to any of the organized trail systems that we enjoy today! During the summer months, it was decided to create a Club booth at Ozaukee County Fair. The intent was to promote this new winter sport of snowmobiling and displaying the newest machines available from the local dealers. In addition, refreshments and food were sold as a club fund-raiser.

By 1969, Mr. Kacmarcik had shown interest in creating statewide organization for snowmobile clubs and thus was part of the creation of the AWSC. This was an event attended by Mr. Wally Thill, who is the long-term Ozaukee County AWSC representative. Along with Mr. Thill still being an active member and delegate in the Ozaukee county area, Monticello retains some of the original people with 20, 30, and even 40 years of continuous memberships!

Throughout the 1970’s, the club enjoyed a strong membership with averaging over 130 paid each year! There were many reasons for fun-filled snowmobile outings. To list a few, there were fish fries, holiday parties, ladies rides, teen rides, family rides, chili dumps, family fun days, club dances (called snowballs), poker runs, and even a kids’ Christmas party! There were even appearances by local TV celebrities at many charity events! Elijah Pitts, a former Green-Bay Packer, was a frequent participant in racing events! Often there were other celebrities attending and/or emcee at the outings for the club!

Although the racing days ended sometime in the 1970’s, along with some of those early events, Monticello is still an active and vibrant club that is 135 families strong. We still attend AWSC workshops, install and groom some state corridor trail and county/club miles of trail, plan overnight and weekend events, and have a food, music and refreshments tent at the Ozaukee County fair every year.

With some heartfelt thanks to the late Mr. Tom Kacmarcik, we of the original Monticello Sno-Mobile Club, Inc. wish to thank everyone that has made our club the success that it is and we hope to enjoy yet another 40 years as the Monticello Sno-Mobile Club! Have a great snowmobile season and enjoy our wonderful State of Wisconsin!